3D technology

The orthodontic Ortho JH Orthographic Laboratory is the first in the Czech Republic to deal with the use of 3D technology in the field of orthodontics.

We use the 3 Shape product, one of the largest CAD / CAM technology companies.


Using an intraoral scanner, the physician scans the oral cavity. The data thus obtained can be used to:

  • creat digital 3D models and eventually print them on our 3D printer. Such models can be used for the production of orthodontic plates and apparatuses (scanning braces, essix plates, silencers, bruxism splints).
  • Analys cases where all data is then sent back to the doctor ensuring that individual teeth or groups of teeth move to their ideal position. Subsequently, it is then possible to make the thermoplastic films. This is an accurate, highly effective and affordable way of straightening teeth.